Chapter 73 I Was Late

Jiang Sese could feel despair filling her as her clothes were about to be torn apart.

As she stared at the door of the hotel room, the only thing ringing through her mind was Jin Fengchen's name.

He would find her, he surely would.

The man's eyes were colored with excitement. "This is amazing. The most beautiful woman at the banquet is going to be mine very, very soon."

Tears streamed down Jiang Sese's face as helplessness gripped her. "Jin Fengchen," she thought, "it will be all over for me if you don't come soon..."

The man was so close to tearing her clothes off when someone knocked on their door.

"Is anyone in there?" It was Jin Fengyao's voice.

Having given up the thought of being rescued, Jiang Sese's eyes lit up with hope when she heard his voice.

She cried for help at once, but the man was faster.


A hand clamped hard over her mouth, preventing her from making any sound. She struggled hard against the man but she was still powerless.

The man looked at the do
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