Chapter 735 Stock Price Tumbled

Back at the Fu Group, Fu Jingyun flung his phone across the room as the screen darkened

At that time, the assistant walked in with some files and was a little shocked by Fu Jingyun's irritable disposition. Trembling, the assistant stuttered, “Chair… Chairman Fu, this is the next itinerary.”

Hearing their voice, Fu Jingyun calmed down a bit.

Turning around and glancing at the schedule, he instructed, “Cancel all items after eight. I have something to attend to.”

The assistant left immediately, not wanting to be affected.

Imagining that Jiang Sese might be all lovey-dovey with Jin Fengchen threw Fu Jingyun’s emotions into a whirlwind.

He exhausted all his effort and worked so hard, but still could not have her. Jin Fengchen obtained her so easily just by appearing.

No! No one can take Jiang Sese away!

After making up his mind, Fu Jingyun picked up his suit jacket, got up, and left.

At the Jin house, Jiang Sese was having fun with the two children. The original color of her once
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goodnovel comment avatar
Might as well Fu Jingyun had let her die, because all he’s doing is slowly killing her anyway, with the depressed state he and his mama have her in.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
I really don’t like this Fu Jingyun. He can clearly see that she still holds Jin Fengchen in her heart, even tho she doesn’t remember. He should walk away and let her be with her family. Ugh this story has just become quite annoying honestly. I won’t spend anymore money on this crap

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