Chapter 736 Disaster Strikes

Jin Fengchen stood solemnly, not speaking. After a while, he said, “Have public relations calm the consumers down below and tell them that we will definitely pay the corresponding compensation and accept the relevant responsibilities. In addition, investigate as to where the problem occurred in the process. It’s impossible that this suddenly happened to the wine. Pay attention to the personnel’s movement.”


Gu Nian left immediately to execute the orders.

The air was somber, with a faintly depressing atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese came home from work. As soon as she took off her shoes in the entrance hall, her cell phone in her bag rang.

She fished out her phone, and found it was her assistant. Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.

She casually lifted the phone to her ear. “Hello? What’s the matter?”

Her assistant’s panicked voice came from the other end. “Sister Sese, check the news online. There has been a problem with the wine from our collaboration with JS Group. It’s a m
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