Chapter 743 To The Hospital!

Seeing that she was leaving, Jin Fengchen’s eyes darkened and he blurted, “Tiantian is still asleep. Why don’t you just stay a while more?”

His tone of voice was a bit insistent.

He subconsciously grabbed onto Jiang Sese.

As soon as he spoke, they were both stunned.

As they looked at each other, concealed love seemed to linger in the air between them.

“What I mean is, Tiantian just fell asleep. She might wake up on the way back. Why don't you take her to the room to rest awhile before you head back a little later.”

Jin Fengchen let go and explained awkwardly, hiding the reluctance in his eyes.

When she left, he did not know when he would see the two of them again.

The cooperation between the Fu family and JS Group had collapsed to the point that even their working relationship had broken down. It would be hard to see Jiang Sese.

When she heard that, Jiang Sese gave Jin Fengchen a deep look.

She hesitated for a moment before she opened her mouth slightly, saying soft
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