Chapter 745 Life-Threatening

The doctor saw the fear in Jin Fengchen’s eyes and comforted him, “Mr. Jin, we cannot reach a definitive and detailed conclusion. We’ve taken your wife’s blood for a range of further tests. We expect to receive the results tomorrow. Don’t worry, our hospital takes this very seriously as well and we will do everything we can to investigate this. Please, be at ease.”

The doctor’s words did little to comfort Jin Fengchen.

It was as though his heart was crushed by a boulder. He could not breathe.

However big the problem he faced at work, it did not feel as bad as he did now. If it concerned Sese, he always felt extremely troubled.

When Jin Fengchen returned to the ward, he looked at the woman in the bed with a pained look.

Gu Nian saw his expression and his heart filled with curiosity.

However, with the two children around, he had to hold his tongue.

“Daddy, what did the doctor say? When will Mommy wake up?”

Xiaobao held onto the corner of Jin Fengchen’s shirt and asked une
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