Chapter 747 Word Could Not Get Out

Regardless of how resolutely he answered, Jiang Sese could already tell it was not true from his violent response.

After a moment’s silence, she said quietly, “I want the truth.”

Hearing her words, Jin Fengchen grew silent.

His clenched fist relaxed.

A moment later, with a pained look, he answered solemnly, “If the virus continues to freely wreak havoc in your body, yes.”

When she heard that, Jiang Sese’s heart chilled.

She sat on the bed, stunned. She suddenly felt her throat was dry, and she struggled to take the cup of water at the head of the bed.

However, her hands were shaking violently, and she lost her grip on the glass. It fell to the ground with a crash, shattering into many pieces.

The scattered glass on the ground was like her: just bits and pieces.

Seeing this frightened Jin Fengchen. He held her hand. “Are you alright?”

Jiang Sese let him hold her hand in a daze, not responding.

Seeing her like this made Jin Fengchen’s heart ache. He caressed her face
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