Chapter 762 Were You Bragging

Gu Nian immediately understood his Young Master's explanation.

The Young Master was playing the long game.

He dared not dawdle and immediately set off to carry out the Young Master's orders.

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese and Fang Xueman talked for a long time before the former reluctantly left the Jin family house.

It was already eight at night when she returned to the Fu family home.

The interior of the house was dark when she opened the front door. "Isn't anyone inside?" she mumbled to herself.


The living room light turned on just when she finished.

She saw Fu Jingyun standing not far away from her, scowling gloomily.

Jiang Sese glanced briefly at him, but did not take note of his expression.

After she changed into slippers, she headed toward the staircase. Fu Jingyun blocked her way. "Where were you?" he asked.

Anger rose in Jiang Sese's heart. "I went to visit my mother. Why, am I not allowed to do that?"

Fu Jingyun treated her as though she was his property,
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