Chapter 763 She's Mine

Upon hearing that, Jin Fengchen sneered. "I wasn’t showing off. I just wanted to tell you that she's mine, that's all."

"No need for your kindness. I know what I should do."

With that said, Fu Jingyun left.

Rather than be humiliated there, it was better to cause him trouble at the company.

Looking at Fu Jingyun’s silhouette, the corner of Jin Fengchen's mouth curved upward.

Meanwhile, after Bai Li left, Gu Nian secretly sent someone to follow him.

After being locked up for so long and regaining his freedom, Bai Li almost cried tears of joy.

On the way, he contacted his former informant to find out Zi Feng’s whereabouts.

After searching high and low, he finally ended up in Italy.

However, the informant did not know Zi Feng’s exact location.

At one point, Bai Li suspected that the informant was lying to him, but the informant sincerely stated that he was also looking for Zi Feng.

If he found it, he would contact Bai Li at once.

Bai Li had his doubts.

He was a sinner and coul
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