Chapter 765 There Was No Good Ending

Grateful, Bai Li watched her eat. From time to time, he would hand her a napkin--so attentive.

"Alright, I've finished eating; you can go now." Zi Feng finished, put her fork down, and looked directly at Bai Li.

"Good." Although Bai Li was reluctant to leave, he still kept his word and stood to leave.

Zi Feng was relieved to watch him go.

She got into an expensive car at the entrance and left.

After Bai Li and Zi Feng parted, he went nowhere else but where he had been staying for the past two days.

She said to ‘perform well’. There had to be a test around the corner.

In order to pass the test, it was better for him to keep himself under the radar.

As he pushed the door open, his eyes inadvertently swept around the house. His footsteps paused and he immediately noticed that something was wrong.

He left a slit in the curtains open when he left the house, but now, they were tightly shit.

Bai Li instantly put on his guard and scrutinized every inch of the room.

He then turned ar
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