Chapter 769 Invitation

Seeing the worry in Jiang Sese's eyes as if she was afraid that he would disagree, Jin Fengchen's doubtful expression immediately vanished.

He nodded indifferently, “I have no objections. Xiaobao and I are here too. Don’t worry, Tiantian.”

In fact, he was helpless. He did not want to let her go and he did not want her to see Fu Jingyun, but there was nothing he could do.

Jiang Sese had not yet regained her memory and he did not want to restrain her as her husband.

Therefore, no matter how much he wanted to keep her by his side, he could only temporarily suppress this feeling in his heart.

Xiaobao was also reluctant for Jiang Sese to leave, but seeing Jin Fengchen’s attitude, he too cleverly expressed that he would take good care of his sister.

Just like that, Jiang Sese had garnered their support and could not help but smile.

She looked down and asked the little girl, “Tiantian, is it okay with you?”

The little girl was still giving her the silent treatment and was quiet for a
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Priscilla Waiyaki
the story is taking to long to complete. I am getting bored. give more chapters.

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