Chapter 770 I’m Here Because Of You

Jin Fengchen’s powerful aura was impossible to ignore. The people at the venue soon noticed his presence and he instantly became a hot topic.

“Jin Fengchen? Chairman of the JS Group? How could it be? Wasn't the word on the street that he never attends such functions?”

“You might not know this, but the Fu family seems to have a good relationship with Chairman Jin. This isn’t the first time he’s attended such an occasion. The last time…”

Gossip was abound.

Jin Fengchen did not hear these voices; his eyes continued searching the crowd.

Suddenly, his gaze was fixed in one direction.

This expression gradually softened.

Jiang Sese was talking to the guests and noticed a strange commotion from the main entrance, so she went to check.

Unexpectedly, her gaze locked onto Jin Fengchen’s figure.

She was stunned and was rooted to the spot, disbelief on her face.

Jin Fengchen smiled and walked toward Jiang Sese.

“You… Why are you here?”

Even as he stood before her, she could not believe
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Julie Chapman
How many more storylines are you going to put out when will it end getting expensive now

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