Chapter 771 Sneak Attack

From time to time, she looked towards Jin Fengchen.

Fu Jingyun's eyes were dull as he twirled Jiang Sese around; his tall stature completely blocked her line of sight.

After the dance, Jiang Sese excused herself, saying that she was a little tired, and refused to dance more.

With a smile on his face, Fu Jingyun allowed her to go find the two children.

After Jiang Sese left, Fu Jingyun’s fists were clenched by his sides. The smile on his face inadvertently disappeared.

At this time, Catalina was addictively chain-smoking. She was hiding in the corner of the hallway, puffing away.

Unexpectedly, a cold voice rang in her ears. “Is this your so-called plan?”

Catalina was taken aback, but after realizing that it was Fu Jingyun, she laughed out loud.

However, as her gaze met Fu Jingyun’s icy stare, she suddenly stopped.

For some reason, she felt a little guilty.

She realized that Fu Jingyun was in a bad mood and that now was not the time to be joking.

She cleared her throat and for
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