Chapter 774 Who Sent You

Fu Jingyun took a deep breath, and his face grew unsightly.

Seeing that Fu Jingyun was about to explode, the serviceperson looked at the both of them fearfully and said, “Sir, Miss, please don’t make a scene. Calm down.”

Fu Jingyun did not pay him any mind, and he smirked as he looked directly at her and spoke with a half-smile, “Jin Fengchen seems to really hold a high place in your heart.”

Jiang Sese pursed her lips slightly, unsure of what to say.

The atmosphere suddenly turned very heavy. The serviceperson looked at one, then the other.

A moment later, he said weakly, “I just remembered, the man was wearing a gray shirt. Is that of any use to you?”

Jiang Sese suddenly looked at him. A gray shirt… Exactly what Jin Fengchen was wearing.

Even if they were identical suits, it would be very hard for their shirts to be the same.

Fu Jingyun saw the startled look on Jiang Sese’s face and solemnly said, “Did you see where they went?”

The serviceperson shook his head. “I re
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Tammy Evans Moore
Way to go Fegchen!! Save Sese!

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