Chapter 779 Oh? What Do You Want To Do?

“The pathogen in the Young Mistress’ body may also be his doing? Since if it were him, she would not have suspected anything…” Gu Nian spoke his mind hesitantly.

“Impossible.” Jin Fengchen immediately shot that thought down. He thought for a moment before speaking. “Fu Jingyun would not hurt Sese.”

The pathogen was life-threatening.

No matter how much he hated Jin Fengchen, Fu Jingyun would not hurt Jiang Sese.

Even though he hated to admit it, Fu Jingyun loved Jiang Sese. Of that, Jin Fengchen was sure.

“What if he’s unaware of it as well?” Gu Nian worked up the courage to rebut.

The Young Master was always controlled by emotion when it came to the Young Mistress.

Hearing the meaning in Gu Nian’s words, Jin Fengchen frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You said it yourself; Fu Jingyun and that woman do not have a superior-subordinate relationship. It then stands to reason that she deceived Fu Jingyun and manipulated him into giving the Young Mistress the injection. Furthermore
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