Chapter 782 Who Is Behind This

Even the bartender was stunned by Fu Jingyun’s reckless drinking. He had never seen someone drink like that.

Sure enough, after a swig, Fu Jingyun coughed violently. His expression turned even more ugly.

The strong liquor slid down his throat and burned in his stomach.

However, the discomfort was no match for the pain in his heart.

The look in Jiang Sese's eyes before she left kept replaying in his mind.

Distant and alienating.

At that moment, a soft hand tapped him on the back.

The bartender cast her an awe-inspired look. This woman was really something if she dared to provoke the wrath of Hades.

Fu Jingyun felt so sick that he was about to throw up right there and then. He could not be bothered about the tap on his back one bit.

“Poor thing.”

The woman’s soft voice was like a thunderclap to Fu Jingyun’s ears, even in the noisy bar.

Fu Jingyun raised his head abruptly, gritted his teeth, and glared at the woman. “You again!”

The woman before him smiled playfully and sat do
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Fermie Cotterell Ramirez
how many chapters until the end? I don't want to add more to this account & then get stuck with having to pay more to finish.

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