Chapter 785 No Status Whatsoever

He realized that, as the groom, he had a say in the matter, so he stubbornly said, “I still think Qingwan could be even more beautiful.”

Everyone laughed at him simultaneously.

“What are you prattling on about? Did I give birth to a son? You’re acting like the daughter I never had,” Madam Jin pretended to be confused and turned to ask Master Jin, once again stabbing Jin Fengyao’s heart which was already riddled with holes.

“Mother, don’t say things like that. I’m your son. Your son. You’ve not been mistaken for the past 20 years!” wailed Jin Fengyao.

The whole family could not stop laughing.

Jin Fengyao’s expression was full of grief.

He has no status in this family whatsoever.

Moreover, his parents adored their grandchildren. The situation would be even worse after his son was born.

The Second Young Master Jin wiped away his bitter tears; his life was so miserable.

Seeing him so miserable, Song Qingwan quickly took one of his hands and quietly consoled him.

Jin Fengyao was i
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Priscilla Waiyaki
when is the novel going to be completed. giving us 2 chapters a day is too slow. I feel like stopping to read it. Help!!

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