Chapter 789 Road Trip

Xiaobao exploded with laughter and said innocently, “Grandpa is so big already. He also can’t sleep without Grandma around?”

Xiaobao was asking out of true innocence, but he did not expect everyone to laugh when he did.

Madam Jin blushed and she shot Master Jin a look.

Unexpectedly, Tiantian added almost immediately, whining, “Tiantian can’t sleep as well…”

At that, even Madam Jin could no longer take it, and she began to laugh out loud.

That evening, Jin Fengyao took the opportunity while Madam Jin was asleep and snuck Song Qingwan back to his own room.

Madam Jin had known, but she simply kept one eye closed.

The next day, after breakfast, the two children followed Madam Jin upstairs to the toy room.

Jiang Sese had nothing to do, so she went to the greenhouse and simply looked up at the sky to daydream.

Just as she was nodding off while basking in the sun, the room filled with the aroma of flowers, the sound of measured footsteps could be heard from the door.

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