Chapter 79 The Long-Awaited Slaps

Jiang Sese's expression became dismal at the sight of the people outside. "Why are you here?" she demanded darkly.

Even a child could see that these people darkening her door with their sudden appearance was not good.

Jiang Nuannuan glared at her and made her demand in a most imperious tone.

"You will tell Jin Fengchen to remove all the sanctions on the enterprises belonging to us Jiangs and the Lans."

Whenever she thought of how Lan Sichen had been behaving toward her yesterday, she could have sworn that she would tear Jiang Sese to bits with her bare hands. "If only she didn't exist! The Jins would already be our partners and there would never have been so much trouble!"

"What makes you think you can give me orders?" Jiang Sese scoffed.

Jin Fengchen must have ordered something to go against the Jiangs or the Lans. Otherwise, these people would not have come so early in the morning. That Jin Fengchen would readily come to her defense really touched her.

"He is just forever stan
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