Chapter 790 Yes, It’s Me

At the Fu residence…

Fu Jingyun had just changed his shoes and handed a gift basket to his mother.

“Son, how long has it been since Sese returned? You haven’t been paying any mind about this. How can you let that be?”

Madam Fu peered back to look at her son. He really did come home alone.

“She’s gone back to China with Jin Fengchen.”

Fu Jingyun sat down and held his forehead wearily, his emotions frazzled.

He had not contacted Jiang Sese in the past few days, and he had only found out she had returned to China from hearsay.

“What? We saved her, and she went behind your back to return to China with another man?”

Before his mother’s question, Fu Jingyun lowered his head, too weary to answer.

Master Fu shook the newspaper in his hands and gave Madam Jin an unhappy look. “Enough, you don’t have to make it sound so bad. The kids can take care of themselves. We can’t control feelings, so stop meddling.”

Madam Fu grew hot under the collar when she heard this and her voice
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