Chapter 794 New Developments

Seeing him look so half-dead, everyone around began to laugh.

Thinking that everything was more or less packed, Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese decided they may as well set the time of their flight back to France for that night itself.

After they finished packing, they all headed to the airport.

At the airport, the PA system was announcing flight information. Jin Fengchen picked Tiantian up and held Jiang Sese’s hand as they walked to the gate.

Xiaobao was a big boy and walked on his own in front.

The attractive family drew many eyes as they made their way.

The plane flew through the thick cloud cover toward France. As it was a long flight, by the time they arrived in France, it was already morning the next day. The plane landed steadily.

Jiang Sese rubbed her stiff neck and was preparing to lead Xiaobao off the plane. Meanwhile, Jin Fengchen was carrying Tiantian, holding Jiang Sese’s other hand.

The both of them retrieved their baggage and, before they reached the entrance
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