Chapter 795 Keep Me Company?

The air in the research lab turned a little solemn as Han Yu finished speaking.

Jin Fengchen was holding the glass slide with such unconscious force that it had cut the most into his hand, leaving a deep red mark, but he felt no pain.

A moment later, Jin Fengchen swallowed the lump in his throat and spoke hoarsely, “Then…is there any way to slowly reduce the pathogen’s numbers?”

Han Yu frowned. “This pathogen is very crafty. Its cell count is stable, but its mitosis rate is surprisingly quick.”

Mo Xie nodded, “We had tried to kill a portion of it before, but a follow up test revealed that, in a very short time, it had returned to its original number in a matter of seconds.”

This was coming to be a real pain in the *ss.

Jin Fengchen’s expression looked rather inexplicable.

Cruel as it was to mention, Mo Xie could not help but remind him, “Don’t worry, Young Master, we will do our best to treat her. We only fear that, over this process, there may be some side effects. We
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