Chapter 797 Unknown Medication

Before returning to the room, he then turned and took her hand.

Jiang Sese could see a trace of insecurity in his eyes. She was intending to pull her hand from his palm, but that feeling instantly vanished.

She realized he was afraid.

Could he have been afraid that she would stay at the Fu residence and never return?

Jiang Sese could not help but adore the man before her.

Jin Fengchen’s productivity had slumped since Jiang Sese left.

Now that she was back, he had to go and complete his backlog of work.

However, in order to be able to see her at all times, he kept the door to the study open. He simply needed to look up to see the two children and their mother in the upstairs living room.

After bathing the two children, Jiang Sese played Legos with the two children. The two kids seemed to be in good spirits.

Jiang Sese, however, seemed a little lethargic. She played for a while before she started to yawn.

She sat on the carpet, her back against the sofa, fighting hard
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