Chapter 798 You’re The One Who’s Gone Mad

Every word he said made Jin Fengchen’s face grow even darker.

Mo Xie looked at his face and paused before he said, “This has increased the pathogen’s reproduction rate. It appears that the pathogen’s count is lower than before. However, in reality, it’s simply hiding in her system. If it were to activate, I fear that things would become much worse. The consequences are impossible to predict.”

Jin Fengchen closed his eyes as he forced himself to calm down. He then opened his eyes and regained his clarity.

“Why is she unconscious then?”

“The sudden introduction of the medication disrupted the balances in her body. It disrupted the pathogen’s survival conditions. In order to preserve itself, the pathogen attacked the cells so the Young Mistress is currently in a brief physical flux. She’s asleep because her body is repairing itself. You need not worry too much at the moment.”

Mo Xie looked at his deep, unreadable eyes. He could not tell what he was thinking.

Jin Fengchen did n
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