Chapter 799 You’re Truly Despicable

Jin Fengchen saw that he was still pretending, even though things had gotten to that point. He immediately strode forward and dragged Fu Jingyun up by the collar.

He flexed his arms and pushed him against the wardrobe. He then began to spat each word through his teeth, with a ferocity that showed he wanted to rip him to shreds. “What drug did you give Sese that made her unconscious!”

“What happened to her? She was completely fine when she had dinner with me last night!”

Fu Jingyun felt panic when he heard this.

Seeing him refuse to admit it, Jin Fengchen smiled with rage, “Fine, you’re still going to pretend? She’s lying in a sickbed, on the brink of death. Think hard about what you did last night!”

Fu Jingyun listened, a little dumbstruck.

Last night… last night he had given Sese the cure.

“Do you think she has long to live? Her body is out of balance. Do you know that her life is in danger?”

Jin Fengchen’s voice was now hoarse. The sound from his throat was like the ro
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