Chapter 80 No Ordinary Person

With a knowing look at her daughter, Shen Shulan indicated that she should remain quiet.

Jiang Zhen was boiling with anger, and it would not do well for them if Jiang Nuannuan were to muddle things further with her quick temper. She was only afraid that Jiang Zhen would give in to Jiang Sese's demands and drive them both away from the family. Things could never be worse than that.

Jiang Nuannuan could only pout her lips in dissatisfaction. But she knew full well her mother's intention and swallowed whatever snappy retorts she had in mind and said nothing.

Jiang Zhen shot a final, seething glare at Jiang Nuannuan before he reached for his phone. He needed to call Lan Sichen and discuss their next course of action.


Jiang Sese was nevertheless left in a sour mood after the three had left. But she was not at all sad nor sullen for having such a father. Her tough childhood had steeled her enough to feel unconcerned by how the Jiangs had treated her.

But the debacle at the doorstep
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Marie Pierre
Really... without even knocking on the door?

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