Chapter 803 Who Are You To Me

The night was as dark as ink. A car drove on a winding mountain road, carrying the unconscious Jiang Sese to a private airport that had been prior arrangements with Catalina.

Catalina had already arrived and smiled in satisfaction when she saw the headlights in the distance.

Fu Jingyun had succeeded to bring the woman.

The car came to a halt and Fu Jingyun stepped out. He pulled off his black golfing cap.

Looking around, he realized that the airstrip was empty. He immediately asked, “Where is the chartered jet you promised me?”

Catalina smiled and pulled out three plane tickets from her breast pocket.

“These are three tickets for a direct flight to Italy. I’ll go with the both of you. When we disembark, someone will be there to meet us. Don’t worry about your safety.”

Seeing Catalina contradict herself, Fu Jingyun put on a serious face and gave her suspicious look. He coldy warned her, “Don’t even think about playing a trick on me, or you’ll never get the antidote.”

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