Chapter 804 Stop Pretending

Fu Jingyun saw her ignoring him, and he said softly, “Sese, why can’t you believe me? I’m just bringing you to Italy for treatment.”

As pitiful Fu Jingyun seemed, Jiang Sese had completely lost faith in him.

“Your words mean nothing to me now. When we arrive in Italy, I’m going back immediately.”

Fu Jingyun insisted, “I won’t let you. I have to cure you.”

“Jin Fengchen will cure me, thank you very much.”

Fu Jingyun’s eyes filled with hurt when she said that.

“Sese, is your heart so full of him?”

Jiang Sese smiled coldly when she heard this, “What of it? At least he won’t hurt me and he respects my wishes.”

Fu Jingyun had no reply. He opened his mouth, trying to find the words to explain himself, but he closed his mouth in the end, powerless.

Jiang Sese did not want to pay him any more heed. She changed seats with the person next to her and leaned against the chair to rest.

Fu Jingyun knew that his actions had hurt Jiang Sese. However, he did not regret anything. At lea
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goodnovel comment avatar
the story is becoming nonsense
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Tammy Evans Moore
I am SO done with this!!! Fengchen needs to rescue Sese and reunite HIS family and get rid of the other idiots!!
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what the hill this book the writer this book is so scum

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