Chapter 805 Like The Noon Sun

Catalina finished her cake, picked up a napkin, and gracefully wiped the corners of her mouth before she got up and left.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Jin Fengchen arrived in Italy.

His steps were rushed, and Gu Nian followed closely behind him on the phone.

They just got off the plane and immediately contacted their men in Italy.

Prior to arriving, they had already been instructed to start surveillance and immediately report any news of Jiang Sese and Fu Jingyun.

After speaking for a while, Gu Nian hung up.

Jin Fengchen asked, “Any updates?”

“Our men have not located the Young Mistress’ trail. The only thing we can be sure of is that they have arrived safely. All other traces have been erased.”

Jin Fengchen’s expression grew even more somber as he got straight into the car.

The car quickly left the airport and arrived at the hotel where they set up base.

As soon as he entered the room, Jin Fengchen removed his jacket, revealing a watch on his wrist.

The watch was equipped wit
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