Chapter 806 Went Through Great Pains

Going up against a well-established family rooted in the Italian medical industry, Jin Fengchen needed some time to prepare. After all, this was not his territory.

Bo Gelian was not an opponent he could underestimate.

“There’s no need to investigate the companies he acquired for the time being. What were his movements prior to this?”

King thought for a while then said, “Prior to this, Bo Gelian had always owned a few extremely covert research laboratories. At present, three of them have been tracked down, all of which are located in different towns.”

These few words were enough to reveal Bo Gelian’s vigilance.

Jin Fengchen went deep into thought.

Fu Jingyun was currently in Italy, which was Bo Gelian’s stronghold, and Bo Gelian just happened to have research facilities.

Jin Fengchen did not doubt that there had to be some connection.

If they teamed up, it was definitely for drug research.

Fu Jingyun was a really capable mind in the medical field; Bo Gelian was bound to draw Fu
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