Chapter 808 I Will Find Them As Soon As Possible

Staring around the inescapable room, Jiang Sese emotions were a mess.

She never imagined that Fu Jingyun would do this to her.


He actually dared do this to her.

Jiang Sese sat on the carpet and hugged her knees. This was the only way to give herself some warmth.

An image of Jin Fengchen appeared in her mind. She could not help but hope that Jin Fengchen would find her soon.

Her mind was a blur as she fell asleep leaning against the bed.

Jin Fengchen was staring at the flashing red dot on the display in front of him.

The red dot was where Fu Jingyun had been before.

Jin Fengchen's men had been tracking Fu Jingyun's whereabouts after he arrived in Italy. However, they disappointingly lost track of Fu Jingyun's whereabouts.

It was clear that someone had erased Fu Jingyun’s trail after he arrived in Italy.

Looking at the dark display screen, Jin Fengchen could not help but curse.

The lead that they had obtained with much difficulty was severed, just like that.

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