Chapter 809 They Were Long Gone

The sky gradually turned dark and Sese groggily woke up.

She slept for twelve hours straight. She massaged her sore neck when her stomach growled. She rubbed her belly.

Sitting up, she caught a glimpse of a tray of food not far away. Presumably, Fu Jingyun had been here while she was asleep.

After hesitating, Jiang Sese walked over to it.

After all was said and done, she still had to fill her belly, or, even if she could find an escape route, she would not have the strength to escape.

As soon as she picked up the piece of bread, the door opened and Fu Jingyun walked in.

Jiang Sese immediately dropped the bread and stared warily at Fu Jingyun.

“What are you doing here?”

Fu Jingyun approached her and tried to touch Jiang Sese's face, but she turned her head to avoid him.

Seeing her so repulsed by him, Fu Jingyun could only sigh.

He deserved this.

“Sese, don’t blame me. This is for your own good. Come, drink this.”

Fu Jingyun then took out a small glass vial and handed it to h
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