Chapter 81 A Family of Three

Su Qingyin shook off her bewilderment and smiled. "What brings you here, Miss Jiang? I hope you're well now. That incident that day was really ghastly! It's fortunate that you're fine. I was even thinking of paying you a visit!"

"Ah, thank you for your concern, Miss Su," Jiang Sese replied. "I'm fine now. I am here today to propose a collaboration with President Jin."

"I see!" Su Qingyin said, nodding with feigned approval.

With Jiang Sese's background and identity still heretofore uncertain, she could not help feeling suspicious. "Is she really involved with Jin Fengchen solely because of work?"

The two women were still talking when Jin Fengchen slipped a folder into Jiang Sese's hand.

"These are basically the improvements that you can work on. Make the changes."

"Understood, President Jin. I'll head back right away to perform the alterations," she said, tucking the folder away while nodding. She was about to head for the door when Jin Fengchen's voice came from behind his desk.
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