Chapter 812 That’s Fu Jingyun

Who…was this person?

Ending his conversation, he immediately walked toward Jin Fengchen and Gu Nian.

Bo Gelian raised his glass in a gentlemanly manner, “Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to attend this banquet.”

The two of them had already noticed Bo Gelian approaching them.

Jin Fengchen maintained his cool and smiled lightly. “My pleasure, Mister Bo Gelian.”

His tone was polite, his actions poised and graceful--worthy of the young master of a prominent family.

This made Bo Gelian even more curious and suspicious. He smiled. “I’m getting older and my memory is failing me. Which family are you the Young Master of?”

Jin Fengchen replied in neither an obsequious nor supercilious manner, “The Andre family. I’m Mister Andre’s junior. The master is ill, but did not want to miss the banquet. So, he asked me to come in his stead.”

He then motioned Gu Nian to bring out the gift.

“This is a small gift from Mister Andre.”

Bo Gelian glanced at the gift. It was an extremely rare a
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