Chapter 813 Suspicious

He was shocked and quickly chased after him.

Tugging at Jin Fengchen’s jacket, he whispered, “This is not the time to act. There are too many people here. Too big a scene would arouse Bo Gelian’s suspicion.”

Jin Fengchen lowered his gaze and calmed himself. He was being too rash.

They had not yet found Sese yet. The most important thing now is to not show their hand and find a chance to turn the tables.

Jin Fengchen stared at Fu Jingyun standing onstage and clenched his fists. His face was devoid of expression.

The night went on with wine glasses clinking and dancing.

It was approaching eleven o'clock, and it seemed that the banquet was about to end.

Staring at Bo Gelian, who was talking with the guests at a distance, Jin Fengchen’s expression darkened.

He and Gu Nian left silently and snuck toward the parking lot.

Jin Fengchen sat in the driver's seat. His face was calm as he watched the hands of his watch slowly approach twelve o'clock.

A few minutes later, there was a comm
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
yes it's true, it's going round and round. the author interjecting a lot of things! way to go really!!!
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Priscilla Waiyaki
it seems the author doesn't listen to her readers. she is now writing for the sake of writing and prolonging the story. finish the novel and give us another one.
goodnovel comment avatar
sorry to say, although it cost me a lot up to this chapter, i lost interest reading it. The story is going ridiculous.

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