Chapter 814 Leave It To Me

Meanwhile, in the Andre Manor.

Jin Fengchen walked up to the main house. Yellow spotlights illuminated the trees on both sides.

The door of the house suddenly opened, and a tall, young man came out. “Fengchen! We finally meet again!”

The man opened his arms and walked toward the two of them. He hugged Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen patted him on the shoulder with a thankful smile on his face. “Thank you for tonight, Andre.”

“It’s rare that I would be of use to you. Naturally, I am glad to help.”

With that, Andre put his arm around Jin Fengchen’s shoulder. “How did it go? Were you found out?”

“No, no one’s discovered my true identity, for the time being.”

The two looked at each other before laughing.

“I really must thank you. I would’ve been in big trouble tonight otherwise,” Jin Fengchen said, raising his eyebrows.

Andre pretended to be angry and punched Jin Fengchen on the shoulder. “It's nothing. You helped me so much in the past, and never asked for anything in return.”

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