Chapter 815 Lost Sese

When she walked to the door, the bodyguard stopped her. “Miss Jiang, you leave the vicinity.”

Jiang Sese had to accept her fate and walked back to the room.

Around midnight, after confirming that the female servant who was watching her had fallen asleep, Jiang Sese slowly opened her eyes.

The clock by the bed said it was a quarter before one in the morning.

She walked silently toward the window and agilely climbed out.

She had not kicked up a fuss for the past few days in order to get to this moment.

After a couple of days for observation, she realized that the floor of the room she lived in was not that high. Therefore, she dared to take the risk.

With much effort, Jiang Sese stood on the second-floor ledge and looked down at the two-meter drop below her. She took a deep breath.

She jumped down without hesitation. As soon as her feet landed, Jiang Sese felt a piercing pain shoot up her ankles. She clasped on her mouth tightly, not daring to make a sound.

She dared not hesitat
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Tammy Evans Moore
Way to go Sese!! Let your heart leas you back to Fengchen!!

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