Chapter 816 My Name Is Bo Gelian

“Don’t ask so many questions and help me find her!”

Fu Jingyun's tone was very impolite. Before Catalina could answer, he had hung up the phone.

Catalina was inexplicably furious as she stared at the darkened screen.

Now, he dared to be rude with her!

If not for being at the whim of others, she would not be so subservient.

As time passed by, Jin Fengchen grew more anxious.

He kept staring at the darkened phone screen. There was no news about Jiang Sese.

‘Sese, where are you…’

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese no longer knew where she was. Staring at the empty streets, she could not help but feel sad and tired.

However, she dared not stop. She did not want to return to that claustrophobic space.

Then, her stomach growled.

She rummaged through her pockets; they were empty.

When she escaped, she was not empty-handed. She guessed she must have dropped her wallet when she fell near the entrance. She did not have time to care about anything else at the time.

As for her cell phone, Fu Jingy
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