Chapter 817 No Obligation

Maybe she should just find a 24-hour convenience store and stay there for a night. That would be fine.

As she made up her mind to say something, Bo Gelian said ahead of her, “Don’t reject me, Sophia. I really want to help you.”

Since he insisted, Jiang Sese said, embarrassed, “Mister Bo Gelian, really thank you for…”

Bo Gelian shrugged, unbothered. “Just accept my help then. I didn’t mean to bruise you, and I don’t want to owe you anything, alright?”

Hearing that, Jiang Sese had no choice but to accept his help. She followed him into the car.

Jiang Sese’s fatigue and tension from the whole night were relieved as she got back into Bo Gelian’s car. Her eyes started to close.

However, she still remembered that she could not just fall asleep in another person's car.

She quietly balled her fist, piercing her nails into her palm to try to stay awake with the pain.

Bo Gelian took a look at Jiang Sese’s calf as he lowered the temperature of the air-conditioner. He softly asked, “Sophia
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