Chapter 819 Can’t Stay Here Long

“Where are you now?”

“I’m in the Hotel Sena, room number 1808.” Jiang Sese hurriedly reported her hotel and room number to him.

“Listen, Sese. Starting from now, do not hang up the call and immediately lock the room. No matter who knocks, do not open the door! Wait for me to come over!”

Jin Fengchen signaled to Gu Nian. Gu Nian understood and quickly sent his men to follow behind Jin Fengchen and departed.

Jiang Sese sat by the bed. She felt like a weight was lifted off her heart as she listened to the voice she missed over the phone.

He would definitely come and save her.

She could hear the sound of the car engine roaring over the phone. Jiang Sese felt safe; she could tell that he was getting closer to her. She could not help but choke up a little.

Jin Fengchen pressed down hard on the accelerator. He feared that if he was late, even for a minute, there would be unforeseen circumstances.

Within fifteen minutes, he reached the hotel’s entrance.

He looked at the lift that had
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