Chapter 82 Terrible Coincidence

Jiang Sese was still reeling with bashfulness when she slammed her door shut.

Leaning heavily on the door, she panted hard, her heart still galloping violently. At long last, she sighed. "What am I doing?" She groaned, grimacing at her losing control just from a simple sentence of Xiaobao.

She had a long draft of water and then undressed before she went for a shower. It was only when the powerful jet of warm water hit her skin that she felt her anxiety draining away with the suds, and her body and soul were reinvigorated and refreshed.

She paused, her mind wandering back to the Jiangs. She brooded under the still-running warm water of the shower. "They will never give up. At least not yet. God knows what other plots they are hatching now." It would not be long before they came back again with more trouble and turmoil.

"Oh, God! It's tiresome dealing with these people!"

She exited the bathroom and blow-dried her hair. Then she went to her computer and posted an ad. She needed a new
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Salima Arsad-Kamdon
nice novel
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Salima Arsad-Kamdon
nice novel

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