Chapter 822 I’m Her Husband

Catalina snorted in her heart. She could not be bothered to look at how hypocritical these men were acting.

They politely conversed and Bo Gelian interposed his remarks at the right time.

“Professor Curry, this man has rare talent. Please don’t waste his medical genius.”

“Of course. Mister Fu, please follow me.”

Professor Curry did not overlook the hint in Bo Gelian’s eyes. He understood it was time to take Fu Jingyun away.

Fu Jingyun nodded slightly.

“Go ahead and start your research.”

Bo Gelian gave Fu Jingyun an approving look, then said, “Please do your best.”

Fu Jingyun smiled as he heard that and immediately followed after Professor Curry.

The moment he left, Bo Gelian’s expression immediately changed. His polite expression had disappeared entirely.

“Good job. You really convinced him to come with you.”

Bo Gelian laughed and patted Catalina’s shoulder. He wore a calculative expression.

Catalina lowered her eyes, obediently. “Of course. Your wish is my command.”

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