Chapter 826 How Sweet

King stood respectfully in front of Jin Fengchen and bowed slightly. “Boss.”

Jin Fengchen looked away from the screen and focused his gaze on King. “Any news?”

When King heard this, he replied in a concise and detailed manner. “We’ve found out that somebody is investigating your whereabouts. Furthermore, this unknown player has been very vigorous in their efforts.”

Jin Fengchen asked coldly, “Do you know who it is?”

King answered honestly, “It’s Bo Gelian.”

Even though he had guessed as much, Jin Fengchen could not help but smile coldly when he heard the name.

“He really doesn’t know how to quit.” As he calmly spoke, his attractive brows arched slightly.

Bo Gelian was like a viper hiding in the shadows; you always had to have eyes on the back of your head in case he struck at you.

King noticed Jin Fengchen’s expression and frowned, despite himself.

They were on Bo Gelian’s turf; there were a lot of things they could not easily do. If they were in China, they would not
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