Chapter 829 Should Be Complete

Jin Fengchen stiffened. He did not expect Fu Jingyun to help conceal them.

If Catalina were to discover their presence here, he guessed that they would not be able to leave this house so easily.

Looking around, Fu Jingyun’s furnishings were sparse. There were no large objects to hide behind.

His gaze fell on the door to the bedroom. Jin Fengchen hesitated. That was a private space.

As he was hesitating, Fu Jingyun had already opened the door and beckoned them to hide in there.

Outside, Catalina had not yet received a reply and doggedly continued knocking.

After Jin Fengchen led Jiang Sese into the room, Fu Jingyun quickly adjusted his clothes and ran downstairs to get the door.

Catalina saw Fu Jingyun’s slightly flushed face and asked suspiciously, “What took you so long?”

Fu Jingyun calmly turned to walk up the stairs and returned to his seat. “I needed to change.”

Catalina glanced suspiciously at Fu Jingyun’s clothes; it looked like the same ones he wore the day bef
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