Chapter 830 Don’t Let Him Get Away

Fu Jingyun got in the car with a stony expression, seeming like he had yet to forgive Catalina for her prior indiscretion.

The sun was glaring, and Fu Jingyun pulled on his shades. However, it was not to block out the sunlight.

He did not want Catalina to notice that his eyes were tearing up again.

Fu Jingyun closed his eyes and wearily leaned against the seat.

His mind was still replaying every scene from the past three years. When they got out of the car, Fu Jingyun had already regained composure and was once again aloof as usual.

Jin Fengchen led Jiang Sese home after obtaining the documents.

On the journey, Jiang Sese could no longer repress her emotions. She began to sob uncontrollably.

Even though they had confronted each other--she had even made her decision--Jiang Sese’s heart was still very soft.

She remembered all the protection Fu Jingyun had provided her, and she could not simply erase the kindness he had shown her.

Thinking of the final look that was in F
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