Chapter 831 Unremarkable Ruffian

Before he went to the office, Jin Fengchen left instructions for the bodyguards to keep a close watch and make sure Jiang Sese was safe. If anything out of the ordinary happened, they were to report immediately.

He was worried that someone would take advantage of the chaos to do something to Jiang Sese.

When he reached the office, Gu Nian was there waiting for him. When he saw Jin Fengchen enter, he immediately stood as straight as a rod and bowed his head. “My apologies Young Master, we could not get him. They managed to throw our people off the scent.”

Jin Fengchen nodded contemplatively before he calmly said, “They came prepared. It’s not your fault. Tell me specific details.”

Fortunately, the core data had been recovered.

“Very well,” Gu Nian replied solemnly and immediately gave a detailed report.

After he described the situation, he said thoughtfully, “However, even though they switched cars, we got a glimpse of the license plate. I’ve got people investigating it now,
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