Chapter 832 Isn’t This Daylight Robbery?

“You just injured numerous employees of mine. These are all men that I spent large sums of money to recruit. Someone has to take responsibility for their injury. If you had left, I’d have to just eat the loss completely. However, if you have been so kind as to stay, I imagine you must have your regrets, am I right?”

Jin Fengchen smirked. Without waiting for Bo Gelian to reply, he lifted his hand and made a number, “Therefore, pay this much per person in compensation. Mr. Bo Gelian you’re very well off; this sum must be nothing to you.”

Bo Gelian saw the number he was making, and his face instantly darkened. He did not think that Jin Fengchen would pull such a trick!

His teeth ached with rage. He leaped up violently from the sofa. He could no longer keep up the act, so he dropped it completely, “So what if I beat up a few of your people? Compensation? Is your company insolvent, and now you’re just looking to make a quick buck out of me!”

Jin Fengchen laughed coldly and glanced a
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Tammy Evans Moore
I LOVE how Fengchen fights his enemies - calm and brilliant!
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Marifel Chavez
thank you author

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