Chapter 836 Daddy’s A Bad Man

Jin Fengchen’s expression remained unchanged as he calmly said, “For them to get on the plane and attack us, they were unlikely to be of any good standing whatsoever. Investigate them, even if it means doing the police’s job for them.”

“Yes,” Gu Nian replied.

Bo Gelian was the only person that held a grudge against the Young Master in all of Italy.

Although Fu Jingyun was also in Italy, there was not much he was capable of.

Those that worked for Bo Gelian were not the most upstanding of citizens. A simple check could reveal a number of wrongdoings.

Enough wrongdoings for a death sentence or lifelong imprisonment at the very least.

Jiang Sese waited anxiously in the car. When she saw Jin Fengchen walking out, she immediately got out of the car to meet him.

“What took so long?”

Seeing worry in her eyes, Jin Fengchen's said in a gentle tone, “I had to go through their process; it took longer than expected. Sorry I made you wait.”

Jiang Sese shook her head, “As long as you are alr
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