Chapter 837 Take This Medicine

Jin Fengchen nodded and asked, “What’s the update you mentioned on the phone?”

Han Yu and Mo Xie gave each other a look and both of them smiled.

“We have conducted countless experiments and developed a drug that can suppress the pathogen in the Young Mistress.”

Mo Xie handed a report to Jin Fengchen and pointed to the complicated data as he briefly explained it, then summarized, “This drug can suppress the pathogen.”

Jin Fengchen frowned as he looked at the report.

“Only suppress?”

“Yes, that’s what we can do for now.”

Han Yu’s excitement was erased when the question was posed to him.

There were no drugs found to be able to completely eradicate the pathogen. It was already an incredible feat to develop a drug that could suppress this pathogen.

“What's the effect?”

“It will at least delay the activation of the pathogen in the Young Mistress,” Mo Xie said truthfully.

Jin Fengchen nodded. It was better than nothing.

He pondered for a moment, and then asked, “Have you tested it
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