Chapter 838 Prepare The Banquet

At the zoo…

Jin Fengchen carried Tiantian who was tired from walking. She still had a half-eaten cone in her hand, which she rubbed back and forth across her face as she talked.

While they were talking, the cell phone in his pocket rang. He tilted his head and motioned to Jiang Sese to answer the phone for him.

Jiang Sese was initially hesitant as she fished out his phone, but when she saw that it was Jin Fengyao on the caller ID, she answered it at once.

The person on the other end of the line obviously heard that it was very noisy over there and hung up after a few brief words.

Jin Fengchen asked what was going on with a look. Jiang Sese then said, “Fengyao said that your mother's 50th birthday is coming up soon. He wants to make it a big deal, so he’s giving us a heads-up.”

Jin Fengchen pondered for a moment; his mother’s birthday was indeed coming up soon.

He tugged gently on the little girl’s pigtails, “Tiantian, it’s going to be Grandma’s birthday soon. Would you like to
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