Chapter 840 Good Night

The banquet hall was bustling. The younger ladies tried their best to find their destined partners at the banquet.

They did not expect them to be as outstanding as the Jin brothers, but at least they had to love their wives.

Considering that Song Qingwan was pregnant, Jiang Sese took the two little ones along and sat with her. She then took a small piece of cake and fed it to Tiantian.

Xiaobao was very considerate and served a plate of fruits to Song Qingwan, acting very sensible and adult-like. “Auntie, have some fruit.

“My Mommy always ate a lot of fruits when she was pregnant with my sister, and then she gave birth to my lovely sister.”

“You are such a good boy, Xiaobao. Thank you!”

Song Qingwan smiled with joy, and when she accepted the plate of fruits, she pulled Xiaobao into her arms.

Everyone liked a well-behaved and sensible child, and Xiaobao was so cute to boot!

Madam Jin and the other ladies chatted for a while, but could not help but come over and play with the gran
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Divina Castaneda
why is there no chapters today?
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Marifel Chavez
wewww. thid is so sweet
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Julie Chapman
Is this the end if so at sese has fallen in love with fengchen nice ending but with a few loose ends

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